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Welcome to clerkship!  On behalf of myself and our Internal Medicine clerkship team, we hope you find your time with us to be both enjoyable and rewarding.  Internal medicine is an incredibly diverse area of medicine and the knowledge you acquire during your rotation will be applicable to any field of medicine you chose to practice.


 Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, suggestions or concerns.  Our aim is to make the Internal Medicine rotation a memorable and valuable experience for all of our trainees.

Bonnie Meatherall, M.D., MSc, DTM&H, FRCPC


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"Hi U of C Clerks!


Welcome to Internal Medicine! We’re excited for you to join us on MTU and on subspecialty rotations. We may be a little biased, but we think that this portion of clerkship is an awesome opportunity to see interesting, complicated patients and have the experience of independence on the wards and on call! We know that MTU can be a challenging rotation, but our program, and we as Chiefs, are here to support you and help in any way that we can.

Please let us know before your rotation starts if there are certain topics you’re interested in learning more about, a presentation you’re keen to master, or if you have specific interest in pursuing Internal Medicine in the future. We host information sessions for elective students and would love to have you join us! We are also always looking for ways to improve the educational experience for trainees, so if you have any feedback throughout or at the end of the rotation, we're all ears.

We’re proud of and passionate about our program, the people in it, and the patients we take care of. We'd be happy to chat with you any time, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us any time if you have questions or want to talk more about the JVP! See you on the wards!

Lenka, Angela, Leigha and Kaity


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Hello fellow Tanukis!

Welcome to your Internal Medicine rotation!  MTU and IM selectives are very exciting blocks, but we know that they can also feel overwhelming at times.  As your clerkship student reps, we are here to help ensure that you have the best educational experience possible.

The IM program at UCalgary is constantly evolving to enhance students' clerkship experience.  As such, we do our very best to bring forward any issues that come up and to ensure that everyone's voices and feedback are heard during this ongoing process.  If you have any questions or concerns about your rotations, we're always happy to chat - whether by email, over Zoom, or in person.  Please feel free to reach out anytime!

Leona ( and Emily (

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